Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Start of a New Year?

A New Good Year.

So quick update I guess.

* Yes I have written the prompt up, but because of my NaNoWriMo experience, I wrote a draft and it needs some work. I think you'll be surprised in the direction I've taken it.

* My girlfriend filled out her FAFSA and has been accepted into the program she wants. Seeing how she didn't have a job last year, her expected contribution is $0 and she'll get good pell grants.

* She has established contact with her biological father's family. He is an Emir, and therefore Islamic. As activist as I am, I'm seriously okay with her not mentioning our relationship. She needs to build that one first and test the waters on that one. When it comes to our kid (if I use her eggs) she can tell them she needed a surrogate because of how dangerous it is for her to birth a baby, because really that is why I'm carrying the baby in the first place.

* And last but not least, her unemployment finally went through. She'll have some weekly money to help with the bills and can pay off her vehicle.

So all in all, especially for my girlfriend, this year is her year I think. Which would make my year. So now I'm off to apply for a summer job that will get me in the area we want to settle and if I am correct will lead/turn into a permanent, even if only seasonal, kind of job. And I'm okay with the seasonal because that gives me a few months to work on writing...