Friday, February 24, 2012

Life Saver

I learned something new the other day. I apparently saved my mother's life.

As an aside, know that I don't usually go into such detail in my personal life. I know it seems like I talk more about my personal life than I actually write say for instance - fiction, but those are not as in depth as this is. And are usually me bitching and making excuses as why I didn't get anything done...

First let me start off with how this came up in conversation.  I went to visit a friend after work. She just found out she lost her baby. Miscarriage.  It was not unexpected, though none-the-less terrible.  She has physical disabilities as well as her HPV becoming cancerous.

My mother asked how my friend was doing. I told her. She then got to talking about when it (miscarriage) happened to her. I was supposed to have three older brothers instead of two.

What my mother went through when she had to have *it* removed, was what inspired her to not see a doctor right away when she had her aneurysm. It was a Catholic hospital and she had to sign papers that got sent to the vatican just to get it done.

So we talked about her aneurysm. I was always confused about why she didn't go to the doctor right away. She actually waited 3 days before someone convinced her to go in. She saw her OB and he told her to see the neuologist. Now I am sure you all know I am Buffy obessed and those who've see it know what happened to Buffy's Mom. Why did my mother merely pass-out, get up, and wait 3 days to go in?

Now you see where I am going with this title?

Apparently being pregnant increases your blood volume (especially at the 2nd trimester). It clotted quickly and prevented severe brain bleeding. My mother explained quite a bit about it, stuff the doctors told her about, a little while after she had recovered and I was growing up healthy and strong.

So it makes me ponder deep thoughts. If my mother was not pregnant with me she might not have even had the aneurysm. But if she had the aneurysm and had not been pregnant she probably would have died. And that is probably deep enough for now.

Back to writing ...

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I Was Wrong

Remember how I mentioned Sally would be starting her blog back up in April or so? 


Go Read It

Lez Country

Monday, February 20, 2012

Lez Country Update

No, I haven't posted anything new but recently I have been feeling inspired and its time to revamp.

Sally will post as Sally. Sally will go more in depth on certain posts. Sally needs friends to interact and comment in real time, so she can comment back.

I will be shutting down for now, and possibly renaming it and possibly moving it to wordpress, depending if I get any response as to which one I should keep.

Look forward to April/May when Sally will appear again.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Nothing's Fine I'm Torn

I recently set up a wordpress blog. You can find it at  I haven't been blogging at all really but I think I might start doing it more. Partly because of technology and how I now can blog and do lots of things instantly. Yay smartphones. 

Yay Android phones! Oh wait, Android=Google, which means Blogger (also Google) is probably a better bet. I recently wrote over on wordpress how I love my Google Docs. Go Google! Wait just saw on the news how they accidently managed to follow Safari users... So much for being super secure there Apple.

Well that was quite the aside.  So now I am torn. Which blog platform do I use? Should I just sync and have both, copy and paste so content is on both blogs? I will gladly take suggestions.

But now I have to go. Save my decision for later.