Tuesday, April 28, 2009


In case anyone was interested, or noticed I added a new label, sometimes I will talk about myself. And that is what I'm doing here, to talk about myself some more.

I mentioned I twitter. Well I just joined Facebook. You can seek me out using my name or my email which is dtburanek (at) gmail, or you know something like that.

I changed my picture, it is actually of me. Only taken about 5 years ago. And from behind. But you know, its better than nothing right?

My girlfriend is spending the week with her mom. I have to deal with three mongrels, one who is going to be very pissed off at me when he realises his mother is taking a long time to get home. He'll think it is my fault.

I'm hoping to plan something nice for her when she comes home (I'll have to go pick her up)... Keeping in mind it will be waiting in the house for a day or two til we both get back. Or something to bring with me. Keeping in mind that I have no money and this trip to get her will likely cut us short. But I'm cleaning up the house and I know that will make her happy. Now if only I can keep it clean when she's home....

Read These - April09

Update First….

So I haven't gotten a whole heck of a lot of writing done. Life has been life, and life is hard sometimes. What should have been an easy summer is going to be a struggle as my girlfriend tries to find a job. A task made more difficult as she thought she'd be getting one in particular and therefore didn't apply to others, until it was too late. Now she is essentially on 4 different "waiting lists" to see if a crew member drops out and/or they find money to hire someone else. We can’t afford to live here anymore and need to move to a place where we can both have jobs, buy a house and start a family. Gotta love wishful thinking. I’m hoping a bribe of potential grandchildren might help convince my parents to help us out. As long as it doesn't involve moving back in with them. We did that for one month before we came here... It was interesting.

Also I’m reading Twitter now, but not really using it myself all that much. I may or may not get into it. Plus I generally use the computer less during the summer, and find myself outdoors more, particularly camping (this probably means a slowing of already slow posts too). I don't have a fancy iPhone or Blackberry to keep up on it though. But I do like to read it, and I’m following many of the people whose blogs I’m also following. I've picked up quite a few since my last post, and they've been great, commenting on my posts, following one or the other site (Sally appreciates it), sometimes both.
So here are a few sites you should check out… Now not all of them are writer based, but they are fun blogs to read. They are in no particular order…

#1 7Senses
Hey Jude! I've been enjoying her posts, especially the dialogue between her and her wife (they are married in Cali, waiting to know if it will stick) and her letters to her wife. Plus she’s my number one commenter over on Lez and the Country.

#2 Life As An Underage Lesbian
If only I had been so profound at this age. Actually her age I’m not entirely sure about but underage means a lot younger then when I dealt with being gay coming out at age 24. Seriously some good topics and questions as well as crushes on celesbrities. Every young gay girl should read this. As well as every old one!

#3 NewBo
Newbo is very good at keeping us updated about her life. From stressing out about Uni to the awesome sex she has with her girlfriend. Seriously there is a post about this but it’s sweet and lovely. I believe NewBo is a combination of New Lesbo... You can read about how she came up with that in an older post.

#4 Out of My Head/On My Route
Out of My Head is Dar's fiction site. She has 5 stories so far and one of them is a Prologue, which means more is coming. Or you can check out On My Route for some regular ole blog type posts. Dar provided some excellent feedback on the one story I've got posted so far!

#5 the lesbiblog
Kandazzle is getting a “little sister” (Big Brothers, Big Sisters), I commend her for that. A Midwestern Lez who I found after an excellent response to a post on #2 of my list.

There are a few more that I've picked up on, but I either just started or they haven't posted in a while. But I'll post another one of these next month as well as hopefully something else too.