Tuesday, April 28, 2009


In case anyone was interested, or noticed I added a new label, sometimes I will talk about myself. And that is what I'm doing here, to talk about myself some more.

I mentioned I twitter. Well I just joined Facebook. You can seek me out using my name or my email which is dtburanek (at) gmail, or you know something like that.

I changed my picture, it is actually of me. Only taken about 5 years ago. And from behind. But you know, its better than nothing right?

My girlfriend is spending the week with her mom. I have to deal with three mongrels, one who is going to be very pissed off at me when he realises his mother is taking a long time to get home. He'll think it is my fault.

I'm hoping to plan something nice for her when she comes home (I'll have to go pick her up)... Keeping in mind it will be waiting in the house for a day or two til we both get back. Or something to bring with me. Keeping in mind that I have no money and this trip to get her will likely cut us short. But I'm cleaning up the house and I know that will make her happy. Now if only I can keep it clean when she's home....


  1. There are all kinds of nice things that you can give your girlfriend, that doesn't cost a penny. (Grin) I'm sure you'll figure something out; no one knows her like you do. :)

    Nice pic! So you're a photographer too?

  2. That was my late Uncle's Minolta 35mm, which also has a 200 mm lense... I have taken quite a few pictures, some of which I do hang in my house all art like and occasionally get complimented on. Plus I like to avoid photos face on unless they are kind of far off. At least until I become rich and famous enough that I can leave my current career track and be just a writer... ;)

    If I had a scanner I'd post some... I've also considered selling some on ebay, but I can't afford the upfront cost of making those available.