Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Where To Even Begin

Yeah sorry I've been so busy lately. I've been slowly working on a post for Lez and the Country but haven't gotten it up yet. I don't like it what I've wrote so far, and now I'm so far along since I've posted before the gap is just too much to handle. I'll figure it out. Hopefully I can get it up before the end of this week. On a side note, and for those of you wanting spoilers... (don't worry it isn't any big one) Sally's birthday is Saturday... See I've been slacking.

I went camping over the Memorial Day Weekend. I've never experienced allergies this bad. I never want to again. The allergy medicine couldn't even touch it.

Hopefully I'll get a ReadThese up too. I haven't read much but there are a few new ones, or ones I just found a day or two before posting last months. Ugh... Sorry, bad post. Laters


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