Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Way Too Late

This is what happens when I stay up late.

I write cross-over stories!  Sally meet Willow and Tara.

Yes I honestly just did that.  You can check it out Here.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Things Straight People Do

Let me be more specific with the title that is just too long to actually be the title.

"The thing a straight woman, that is having men troubles, always says to a lesbian."

See too long. But I am sure you already know where I am going with this. In fact I won't even give you the thing they always say... I will just give you my answer.

Just because it is a woman does not mean you can't or won't be miserable. Women can be cruel, vicious, mean, bullies, jerks and assholes just as well as men can. Don't think all your relationship problems will be solved by merely switching sides. It just doesn't work like that.

Yes I bring this up as I had a recent conversation with a more recent of my acquaintances, but it has happened more than once. Even with people I don't really know.  "Oh you're a dyke... You know I thought about trying that once."  Really? You don't say... No really, you shouldn't say.

No one has said that exact sentence to me before, but I am just trying to make a point here.

Wait, what is my point? Do I ever have one?

I just find it funny is all. In this more recent conversation I even got asked how to pick up women. "I don' t know, the only time I ever tried I was shot down horribly." I know some of you might wonder, wait doesn't she have a girlfriend? Yes, but we met on the internet and I wooed her with my ability to write complete sentences with punctuation, grammar, and spelling (you know most of the time). Also we met on the basis of planning to merely be friends.

But I know enough about how to pick up women from observing and occasionally practicing. I got so drunk once I couldn't remember how to get into my flat (also as I was told had forgotten the password...) because I was flirting successfully with a cute bartender (yay free drinks).  And my girlfriend is an expert.  She doesn't even have to do anything. She just is so awesome at it, she does nothing and girls come to her and flirt.  Seriously, even when I am standing right there.

Ultimately what it comes down to is picking up someone is just like picking up anyone. Be confident, be friendly and be nice.  Which is actually what they taught us at work. But she hadn't been going into work like I hadn't been going into work.  But that is a whole 'nother matter.

Back to my point?

Relationships are not easy. Gender is not specific. Be yourself and you will find someone who balances you.  Lesson learned.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Called Out

I love how brief but interesting conversations inspire deep thoughts and me posting something. Wait, let me rephrase that, when someone calls me out.  Not in a bad way, mind you (especially since the person who called me out I know reads this).

I had recently saw an article posted on Facebook about Utah passing a bill to restrict homosexuals being talked about in school, even if kids ask, and to only teach abstinence (Click Here to Read).  Oh and the school can actually opt out of sex ed all together.  It made me think. What is worse? Being told we are evil and going to hell *or* pretending like we do not exist at all.

So a comment was made from someone who knows me, how she noticed how I edit myself around certain people.  She was amazed at how I can keep something that is an integral part of me just kind of pushed to the side. (Feel free to reword that if I worded it wrong). Like she couldn't even imagine doing it.

She understand why of course.  Just telling everyone, when you don't know how they will react can be dangerous.  Idaho is a state where they can still fire me for being gay (and the senator who was trying to get that changed was blocked once again from even getting a hearing, you might have read about it in one of those NY newspapers). People are still violent.  It still isn't safe.  Sure there are people who do know. Partly because I got called out for a hickey on my neck (thank you dear), but by that time I knew the person I was informing was okay to tell.

And it isn't like I full on hide it, or talk about "my boyfriend" or straight-up lie (yes I'm punning). In fact the other day I got asked if I was married, I said I'm in a committed relationship for 6 years and left it at that. Now I'm 99.9% sure one of the girls sitting at the table is Mormon, but I'm not sure if she is cool or not (but tend to err on the side of not usually in those cases). I'm sure they all figured it out without me telling them. I'm sure they've overheard me talk about my girlfriend to those I do talk about it with. Most people do figure it out because sometimes I can't stop talking about my "roommate."

So to bring it all back around.  Am I doing a disservice by not talking about it in front of those who are on the wrong side of history here?  Do I need to say I'm in a committed relationship with a female directly for me to have an impact? They say people are changing their minds because they know gay people. Let me rephrase that they know "normal" people who are gay. People who are like them who just happen to be gay. Am I pretending I don't exist and adding to the problem? Am I banking too much on figuring them to figure it out and realizing that I am an awesome "normal" person and therefor gay people are alright?

Not sure exactly where I was going with this but that is usually what happens when I rant and question. Feel free to comment. I want some interaction on this blog.  Feel free to tell me I'm a horrible gay person (because you have the right to say it and I have the right to ignore you).  Personally, I do what I can where I know it will make a difference. I often preach to the choir (hello blog) but maybe someday along the road it will make a difference to someone.