Friday, October 7, 2011

I've Been Writing!

I've been hanging out on The Kitten Board (Willow and Tara Fan Fic for those of you not paying attention) the past couple of days. I'm back to my seasonal down time and haven't taken to being productive (exception being loads and loads of laundry), but I've taken to writing and posting.

F*Series And Other Shorts

Keep in mind what the F stands for. The stories posted under the F*series are good ole fashioned Willow and Tara smut for smut sake. And not a smut fungus like I tramped through all summer that turned my pant legs black as it swept off the cheatgrass and on to me. Sorry botanist joke, I just find it really funny and I only got one person this summer to perk up their ears and smirk when I was talking about the smut on the cheatgrass. It was disappointing.

Other shorts are not up yet, but I'm in a word document right now working on another piece that I made significant progress on while backpacking in the Frank Church Wilderness during a contract job. I made a lot of progress, typing it on my phone in airplane mode as there was not signal and I didn't want to suck the battery. Also because I was stuck up on a mountain, we had planned for it to take 1 day and it took 3, with only enough gear for 1 day. I was glad I had my phone because it is difficult to sleep on the ground with no warm clothes, little food and lots of hiking the previous day and plan to hike more. Glad I had my phone, it provided an excellent distraction from my dire situation. But that is a whole other story. One I wish I could put down in words, but I haven't tried yet so I'm not sure.

Anyway. I figured I would post on my blog and at least provide a link to my latest story writings. I think I might also look into starting a proper webpage so I can post all of my writings in one place. We'll see.