Friday, May 29, 2009

Read These - May09

Alrighty. I found a wee bit of time. Let's do this.

First Category: Writing Stuff.

#1 Wylie-Merrick Literary Agency
Useful for many resons. Looking for an agent? I don't feel I'm to that point yet. However, the useful information for those in that stage of getting a book published is still useful for those even further back than I am. I even followed the guy on twitter. I was feeling a bit inspired when I found this blog. Then I got busy....

#2 Editorial Ass
A "recovering editorial assistant" with a wealth full of knowledge and humor. Again, useful information for those hoping to get published.

Second Cateogory: Fun Stuff.

#3 Pretty Witty And...
I mean Props for the name of the blog alone. Ingenious. If you haven't heard about Anne Neczypor yet, google her, watch the clips, download the podcasts (which has unfortunately ended), read her blog! The best blog ever (you know besides mine). She writes too, so this could go in either category.

#4 Dyked Out
Just go read it. Entertaining. Dawg is awesome.

#5 Dogs Against Vick
I found the link as recently posted by Dawg (see #4). Follow, Follow, Follow. If you care about pets at all. Donate if you can (wish I could).

That is all. Oh wait an article to alleviate some of the stresses about this whole California being stupid thing. The Big Gay Shrug.


  1. thanks for the links! i always like to check out different blogs.

  2. You are welcome, I like to check out all the blogs too, which means I spend way too much time surfing and reading that I do writing... my bad oh well

  3. I think your writing is VERY strong. I know Portland somewhat well, and I think you could probably network yourself into a book deal. My advice would be to try all the formal ways of getting published (querry letters etc...) but at the same time start asking everyone you know if they know someone in the publishing biz. -- I bet you will find someone to help you. good luck, and let me know how it works out.