Monday, August 17, 2009

Seriously In Need of Update

Does anyone listen to Gym Class Heroes? My girlfriend bought The Papercut Chronicles and one of my favourites songs is Graduation Day. Go check it out if you haven't heard it yet. Every time I think about what happened recently I think of a line from it. "Karie Ann died in a crash leaving the funeral"....

Well no one died in a crash recently, although I did attempt to kill myself, my girlfriend and her cousin on our way home after her Grandma died so we could pack up and head to the funeral. I'm okay, my girlfriend might need surgery on her arm (she was asleep with her arm out the window got banged up pretty good), it doesn't even look like I hit that damn reflector, and the deer pranced off like nothing happened. Oh and the car wasn't a total loss.. Hopefully it will be taken in sometime today and be spruced up, continuing on the road and continuing to cost me more that I can afford right now. But I did have gap insurance just in case it was a loss. Oh did I also mention I just changed insurance companies.... I'm sure they were happy to take me on with my nice clean record, only to foot a hefty bill with only one payment made.

I'm not much further than I posted before on the lezcountry blog. I've got a few posts written and many thought out but none of it has made it through the keyboard and online yet. Today would have been a good day to get to work on that but I didn't even bring my notebook. I haven't even had time to check blogger that often to catch up on everyone else. Therefor I don't even have any read-these. Although I did find another literary agent blog with some useful info and linking through the company site find an agent that looks at LGBT stuff but isn't accepting anything right now. Which is fine because I don't have anything right now, I've barely been writing.

Well that might be all for now, hopefully I'll get over this lovely hump in my life right now and get back to writing. Thanks for those of you sticking it out and still checking in on me.

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