Friday, February 17, 2012

Nothing's Fine I'm Torn

I recently set up a wordpress blog. You can find it at  I haven't been blogging at all really but I think I might start doing it more. Partly because of technology and how I now can blog and do lots of things instantly. Yay smartphones. 

Yay Android phones! Oh wait, Android=Google, which means Blogger (also Google) is probably a better bet. I recently wrote over on wordpress how I love my Google Docs. Go Google! Wait just saw on the news how they accidently managed to follow Safari users... So much for being super secure there Apple.

Well that was quite the aside.  So now I am torn. Which blog platform do I use? Should I just sync and have both, copy and paste so content is on both blogs? I will gladly take suggestions.

But now I have to go. Save my decision for later.

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