Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Jumping In

Head first.

Swan dive and perfect 10 no splash.

Actually I do want to make a splash. To be even more specific it rhymes with splash.

I'm not saying I'm a gold digger but I ain't messing with... well you know.

I have read some interesting articles lately. It started with clicking on a Cracked article from my facebook. Because I enjoy reading about disturbing fan fiction. Numerous searches and links later I read about how to make money writing smut. Sorry erotica to be technical.

Only if you've read my older fanfiction I'm pretty light. You can even call me vanilla if you'd like. It would be appropriate in more ways than one. I'm not saying it is bad. I've gotten decent reviews when I do include it in my stories. Unfortunately, the money maker is in the dirtiest nastiest recesses of the sexually repressed mind.

Can I accomplish such a feat for the sake of the almighty dollar?

Mostly I would love to have time to write. I don't because I have two jobs and where we live my wife is essentially a nanny (but more like we've been adoped into the family). Not that I wouldn't have house duties if we lived in our own home, it is just like right now I'm making dinner for 2 kids and 4 disabled adults.

If I could make money writing then I could quit the full time job for the just part time job (that pays more and I might get to start travelling if I am more available). Then I'd have more time to write and could make more money!  Or something like that.

But back to the previous part where I am very vanilla. This is where I've enlisted the help of my wife who is the opposite of vanilla (again in more ways than one, a hint if I haven't mentioned it before we are an interracial couple). So now we'll get to spend some quality time writing down dirty things in the few moments I do have.

I know I haven't updated this in forever but I hope someday to publish under this name at least one story that I've had in my head for years. But I need to write to get the practice and become a better writer. So I'll be focusing writing energies on a different pseudonym one that will write things that Delayne don't write.

I'll keep you posted and provide links in the future. In the mean time if you can find my rabbit hole I'll let you discover that path on your own before I give the shortcut. Then hopefully I'll be giving you links to some very interesting published stories that will come at a price ($2.99 as suggested).

So here I go. Let's hope I make a big splash!