Monday, April 16, 2012


I posted on my facebook that I intend to walk into work and hand over my badge and headset.

My paperwork that excuses all my absences is due by tomorrow. I was supposed to go to the doctor this morning. I do not have the money to visit the doctor right now. I had to reschedule. As a new patient I had to reschedule for May 10th, as they only allow so many new patient appointments each week and they are currently full.

I already have given my two week notice, for my last day to be on April 25th.  If I do not get my paperwork in by tomorrow I will have to be let go as my points will no longer be excused "pending" and will just be become absences.  That is just how it works.

I could go in, make my case and attempt to work my few more days. But honestly I don't want to. I want to be able to have the opportunity to come back once my field season is over but it does not seem likely now.  I have been proved unreliable.  That and I kind of hate the job, even though it turns out (from my one-on-ones with my supervisor) that I'm actually quite good at it. 

Plus there is the whole thing of wanting to move out of my parents house and closer to school, which would have me driving the 100 miles round trip everyday instead of my girlfriend (but my car is more efficient). 

So why is the post title "Secrets?"

Because I am going to tell my girlfriend (and my parents) that I went in and plead my case but they sent me home.  I am 97% sure they are going to fire me without the paperwork, especially since they have been accommodating enough, and there is only so much rope a person can get.

Why am I posting about it on facebook and my blog? Isn't she going to find out?

Hence the Secrets....

My girlfriend does not read my facebook nor my blog. She doesn't really know about my writing. I mention it. I mention I read but she has no interest. These things do not interest her, especially fiction. Especially fan fiction, she only puts up with Buffy because I like it and her favorite villain is Dark Willow (and as a "kitten" the reason Willow becomes dark is bad) and her favorite season is 7 (along the same lines as to why it is bad).

But I do write under a pseudonym (that is more fun to say the pen name) as well as have the facebook that links to it.

So not only have I been lying to you I also lie to my girlfriend. I am a bad horrible evil person.

But the debate now is really what is okay to keep from your spouse/significant other?  Do you have to tell everyone everything? My girlfriend believes that even your other half is not going to be everything you need them to be. That is why people have best friends. People that they can talk to outside their relationship. For me it is the anonymity of the internet. My best friends, the people I share stuff with I don't even know.  For my girlfriend it is her mother that she talks to.

For a sort of reference point for this.... We had a blow up recently that involved me "talking" to her cousin's wife. What I said was misinterpreted and then "suggestions" were forced upon my girlfriend making her feel not only inadequate in the bedroom but also like she didn't know me. Because I had never mentioned anything of the sort.  That is why I talk to people who do not know my girlfriend. In fact it is why I would rather not talk to anyone who even knows me.

But I'd like to get your thoughts on the subject. So fire away.

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