Friday, June 29, 2012

Pretty Little Liars

My dear best friend got turned down for a job the other day.  Can you guess why?  

She told the truth.

When applying for any job that has a high turn around rate you should never indicate that you have no intention of staying. So when asked if she planned to work at least a year she answered “I don’t know.”  It was honest. And she honestly knew the second it came out of her mouth it was the wrong one.  But she is an Aries like me. We tend to make poor liars (feel free to make a liar out of me if you have other proof).

I had prepared her as best as I could think of but forgot to remind her about that one important rule. Never make any indication that you are a short timer.

How did I get away with it when I got hired on at the call center?  When asked how long I planned to stay I did not lie. I merely avoided the question. I informed them I was looking for a 40 hour per week, permanent, benefited job.  Since I had only been working seasonal, and I think I also used the phrase “Getting too old for that crap.”, I let them make the assumption that I was in it for the long haul. Granted I was hoping to find a job that I could go back to when my season was over.  That happened to not be the job, but that is a different story.

When I talked to her about it she was wondering how I did it. I explained my wording and how people will just assume. I also told her if she grew up gay she might be a little better at it...  In fact now that I think about it this kind of links back to a previous post about how I can gloss over a big part of my life or the one about secrets. Maybe I am a better liar than I thought.

So pretty little liars, when it comes to employment, how often/how severe/just plain how do you lie?  Teeny tiny white lies, “The project is coming along fine.”  “I have no problem working with him/her.” “I’m sick.”  Or do you go all out? “I’ve been working on this project for days!" (in other words I got it done in 10 minutes and have spent all week on Facebook and watching porn).  Let me hear it!

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