Monday, March 23, 2009

Not My Fault

I had entered a creative writing contest over at Helium. Out of 20 articles I submitted 15. A rather enormous undertaking for myself especially considering I was writing about myself. The contest was about memoirs, from learning to tie your shoe to your first kiss. Imagine my elation just as the competition was ending the submittal deadline finding myself in 2nd. Now the final calculations are going on and I find myself in 7th, imagine the puncture in that balloon.

But I found relief. Turns out it’s not my fault. Well not all my fault. I guess my inspiration wasn’t with me as I cranked out a few of those. Or maybe my life in general wasn’t as fun or interesting as the other competitors. Maybe I was too quick to post them and didn’t really give them a look over. Maybe I really should just stick to fiction or debates since I’ve done better on them.

Either way watch this video and you’ll understand what I mean by it’s not my fault. Of course if I would have gotten 1st and $25 then I couldn’t take all the credit either…

Either way with the sheer amount of articles I’ve at least gotten a Creative Writing Bronze Badge out of it. Plus I’ve been super inspired and have made many strides with my fictional character Sally. And the video has made me be at peace with my ranking on Helium and also has eased the fear of the daunting task (hint: never use daunting on a helium article I’ve read) that is my fantasy novel. But if you wish to read my memoirs you can find them on Helium and hopefully I’ll have something new to post soon.

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