Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Read These - March09

I know I just bitched about not having followers. But that made me realize I'm not doing my part. We are a community that needs to support each other. So I'm reaching out to my sisters in hopes they reach back.

And I want to do more than just create a blogroll on the side of my page. I mean I'll still do that, but I'd like to delve more into what they are about. It is the least I can do. I'll try to do 3-5 at least once a month, depending on how many I add before I decide to post again. If they start finding me then great and they'll be posted quicker.

#1 Online Lesbian Fiction It is a site that has links to lots of fiction, a good portion of them being fan fiction. I had found this from a follower of Lez and the City and submitted my blogs to it. Now at the time I didn't have enough (quantity) to qualify and have not been added yet. I'll be resubmitting soon (for Lez and the Country at least, because I've only got only one story on here presently). I'm sure many links I find will often be found through there so if you want to get a head start from me then check that out.

#2 Blondi's Website (Blondi's Writing Works) and Blog (Rainbow Reflections) The website hosts original fiction, fan fiction (Xena) and poetry and has many great links. The blog is a lot less story and a lot more activism, and I'm always a fan of activism. But both overall good reads.

#3 Lez and the City Okay so this might have already been mentioned a few times but I figured I'd post the link here. It is a fictional blog written by the character Louise and was the inspiration for Sally to write Lez and the Country. Go check it out please.

Also I'm using the wonderfulness of labels, you can find this and future web/blogrolls under the label "read-these" just as you can can skip all the extra crap and go right to my stories under "story"... So go do that.

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