Monday, May 24, 2010

Let me introduce myself... Again

Hello. Long time no see. I have been writing again. I have been reading again. Life is wonderful and good and I am back on top of the world. Never mind that when I first started this project, ie Lez Country, it was mostly escapism from the Hell I was in. Sometimes when you are down long enough that you even give up on escaping. Actually I focused my attention elsewhere, like applying for every single job out there. I had an interview for Portland, I hope I get it. But in the meantime I found something temporary to get me out. And since I've been enjoying myself it was time to start again.

And it flowed. Just like it did before. After I made the appropriate arrangements that got me stuck, it just came to me and on to the paper. I've been writing and writing and writing. Oh how I've missed you.

My web presence probably won't jump up too much though as I have limited access. I do have my mobile set up. And once I get going on more posts (remember they are back dated) and get close to the end I will think about first changing the name, and second getting a proper web page to post the blog and have it ready for when I expand the story into 3rd person.

So that is my update for now. Readers come back!

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