Monday, August 9, 2010


I know it is a little early to be mentioning this but I already got an
email reminding me (and asking for donations of course). And I am
thinking seriously about it this year. I gave it a try last year
expecting to fail. Glad I didn't disappoint myself.

I want to do it this year. I want to succeed. I need to really learn
to push myself to keep writing even if I think what I have written is
crap. I can fix it later, and I usually do if I let it sit long
enough. But getting it out and not letting myself get stuck... That is
what is important.

Also maybe I should stop trying to work on 3-4 different things at a
time. But sometimes I can't help it. The writing comes to me and if I
don't write it down it might get lost.

Sorry, back to the point I am trying to get to. What should I write?
The story I tried last year I plan to change it back to a short story,
and back to the fan fic I originally planned it as. I could get
started on the novel I want to write but I feel like I am not ready.
Which is why I planned a short fic in that fantasy world to help get
more comfortable with it. I wonder if I will ever be ready.

But maybe my place was never to be a fantasy writer, maybe I am
supposed to write contemporary lesbian romance fiction. Which brings
me to my other option, expanding the blog into a third person novel.
Which I could potentially publish on my own and sell to my huge
fanbase who follow it (I wish I wasn't being sarcastic) and will
already know the end of the story. But it could work. The last option
is to try something new.

Maybe I will discover that I am also meant to be a short story writer...

So any suggestions? I will gladly hear them.

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