Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I think I know what kind of writer I am. I am a thief.

Now don't misinterpret me, and let me further explain my statement. I take people's wonderful ideas for a story or a way a story is told and make it my own. I do not steal it directly but I get inspired by it. First example. Sally's story started after I read a fictional blog called Lez and the City. I took idea of a fictional blog written by the fictional character, plus with the prevalence of city dwelling lesbians on television, and changed the element of city to country. Tada! Stolen, and yet mine. This of course developed into a story of its own. A deep and complex story that I struggle to get down on to paper in my own way. The way it developed on its own, with each blog post coming to me as if Sally were writing it herself right then was amazing.

Next example. It had been a while since I'd perused The Kitten Board site. The site that was the start of my inspired writing back during the worst of my depression and coming to grips with being gay. A few old stories were renewed (Neverland being an amazing story) and I even made one post. I decided to check out some new stories too. I saw a title that indicated it was a crossover to Grey's Anatomy, another of my favorite shows. I liked it. It was good but it wasn't what I would write. So I decided to start writing my own. So again stolen, and yet completely my own. I didn't write much of it because I was appalled at my behavior stealing like so.

I really don't know where I was going with this but I felt the need to write it down and call myself out. So am I a thief or just inspired? I mean I already have enough stuff I intend to write.... Which I may someday get to.

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