Thursday, March 31, 2011


I'm curious. Are other writers as disorganized as I am? Is this why I feel so unsuccessful in writing? I'm currently going through my notebooks. I have a half dozen or so, with bits and pieces from a half dozen or more story bits.

Should I keep working on just one story at a time or keep doing what I'm doing. What I'm doing is (as indicated by the notebooks) is I get inspired by different things at different times and I just write. The result it, sometimes I change a scene that I've already written but can't find. Sometimes I skip scenes completely. But it is good that I'm at least writing something correct?

And never mind the disorganized mess that is currently uploaded to my gmail via my phone and scattered in my Google docs. I'm not even thinking about those yet!


  1. Sounds like what you're doing works for you. It's like having more than one child. You can't give your attention to just one.
    As I wrote manuscripts over the years, I used the same approach. An idea or scene would come to mind, and it fit better in a story that I wasn't currently working on, so I would work on the other one for a bit. Eventually, you will finish.
    Yes, it is better to keep writing and don't stress so much over the "disorganization". You're just using a different system!
    When do we get to read something?

  2. Do what you do; no other way to do it but how are inspired to. However, if I were you, I'd sent up a better file organization system on my computer so I could find things. :)

  3. I'm attempting to write up a smut fic I started writing last year. I don't know if I will post it directly on here but I can and will post the link.

    As usual the busier I am (I'm working again) the more I want to write. Though I've been reading a lot more lately, which also helps inspire. I've got at least two more new ideas!