Thursday, November 19, 2009


A lot of stuff has been getting to me recently, so I'm taking this opportunity to bitch. There won't be anything of substance (at least in terms of the actual purpose of this blog).

#1. Just read on VP about Opposite Marriage banned in Texas and I clicked on the CBS link there. And then I read the comments. Us "liburals" better watch out... conservatism is making its way back! Homos better be glad we don't do to them what the do in "muslum" countries. Only they didn't say it as well as I did (at least that first sentence). And when a "libural" calls them out on their grammar and spelling, they lash back... Us "elitist liburals" (I'm looking for that comment now but can't seem to find it anymore) need to talk like regular Americans (or something like that... damn wish I could find that comment!). I'm sorry but all I can think is speaking (and writing) well makes a much more effective argument. It is difficult to listen to such nonsense when you can't even read it.

#2. Watching Rachel Maddow the other night and the recent thing with the Stupak Amendment, my girlfriend and I got into a discussion. I've gotten into this discussion with many people over the years. Most people I know believe (and I used to think the same way) that if you are responsible enough to have sex then you are responsible enough to have a child. Plain and simple (with the health and rape exceptions of course). I was naive back then. But I think that was due to my subconscious knowing that I wasn't interested in having sex with men, so I would never have the problem. But in coming to understand myself, feminism, and especially the rights we have (or don't sometimes) as Americans I changed my mind. I am seriously Pro-Choice. There should not be anything in the law books that takes away the option for women. Why? It isn't because I believe everyone should just be going out and getting abortions willy-nilly. It is because only the woman making that choice is the one who has to deal with it. I'm not saying that churches can't continue their effort to get people to not have abortions. They should, I'm all about education. But I just wish that they would also educate people about safe sex and protection. Doesn't that make sense? If you don't want people having abortions, then let people prevent getting pregnant in the first place. We all know abstinence before marriage doesn't work. It is about options... and therefore Choice.

#3. Choice is really what it is all about in America. Some people still believe that people choose to be gay. That isn't the choice... The choice is whether to be themselves or not. I wish I had the choice to be myself in public and give my girlfriend a quick kiss before we depart. My girlfriend wishes we didn't have to have gay bars and pride parades (she borders on assimilationist which irks me sometimes), but we do because we don't have the choice to go into regular bars and worry that if we hit on the wrong person they won't take it as a compliment, instead they'll hog tie us behind their pickup trucks and drag us down the street.

#4. Republicans in general. Last time I took government, which I know was a while ago, but I understood it as Republicans believe in less government (and therefore state controlled) and Democrats believe in federal government (and states being more or less even in laws and rules). So why is it always Republicans who want a *federal* ban on abortion and gay marriage? Why was Obama (when running for pres) talking about gay marriage being a state decision? I just don't understand.

Well I think I'm running out of steam right now. But I feel a little better getting some stuff off my chest, and finally posting something, even if it isn't really relevant.

So feel free to post comments, thoughts. Am I crazy? Is there something wrong with me? I wouldn't mind more audience participation, so please share....


  1. Rant on, sistah! I wish I had more time to telll you, no, you're not crazy, but I need to go make dinner.

    And I don't understand all the vitriol and vehemence against gay marriage, but what do I know, I'm just a dumb liburel. ;)

  2. Damn relevant I'd say, and your rant was very well written and expressed. You hit the nail on the head with, "Choice is really what it is all about..." everywhere in my opinion. Choice and responsibility. The woman is the only one who really carries the responsibility of child rearing if she makes a decision to let a fetus come to term and become a child, so she should be the only one to make the decision if she can do that or not. She will have that responsibility for the rest of her life, but it's not just how it affects her life that she has to think it about; if she isn't ready to be mother, what does that mean to the child? Two peoples lives, (at least) can be f*cked up (pardon my English) royally because a woman is forced by social pressure or law to have a child she is not financially or emotionally capable of caring for. Pro-Choice to me, seems the only logical step toward a healthier society.

    And I couldn't have said it better myself as far as our rights are concerned. They only choice we have is whether or not to be ourselves and suffer the consequences of our choice. ... I'm just getting too old and too tired of everyone thinking they know how it is I should be. I am a butch dyke who has no intention of ever hurting anyone, how could it be that allowing myself the freedom to be who I am will cause anyone any harm. The worse damage I can do is to myself if I don't allow myself that freedom. ... I just make sure to keep my distance from the back of those pick-up trucks, is all. (Grin)

  3. Glad I came by and read this post again. Also, please stop by my blog for an award!

  4. I'm glad for all the comments. And also thanks Tere for the award... but now I have to go write up a post... Geez, make me do some work... Ha, seriously awesome though... I'll thank you more when I post.