Thursday, December 3, 2009

Honest Scrap

Honest Scrap - Holy Crap!
I won an award.
This was sent my way from The Lesser Key and I couldn't be happier. It made my day. I've visited many blogs and seen their little awards on the sidebar and wondered if some day I might have a few of my own. Well this is a start. And it is a cool idea.

So how it works is I have to send this award on to 10 more people who've had some real honest moments in their blog (or that is my interpretation) and as my acceptance speech is give "10 Things about Myself. Which makes me think about my favorite Movie “10 Things I Hate About You” which quickly slipped into “10 things I hate about myself”.

1. I have low self esteem. See, what I said above, quickly slipped into 10 things I hate about myself. No joke. It is a serious problem. I’ve always had it.

2. Not only do I love that movie (Julia Styles anyone? *wink wink nudge nudge*) but I’ve also enjoyed the hell out of the show. Which I was worried when I first saw it was going to come out that it would be horrible without Julia and Heath who totally made the movie. They changed around the idea though (moved it from Seattle to California) and the kids were the ones that moved and not the geeky guy. But I love it anyway. They even kept the father.

3. I had to watch the series on Hulu because my girlfriend doesn’t like very much of the stuff I like (romantic comedies, and all around cheesy girly kinds of things). But I also like the stuff she likes so it works out (like History Channel, and Spike [UFC anyone?]).

4. I crashed the computer system at work, using up all the bandwidth because I was watching Hulu. I was catching up on FlashForward.

5. The only reason I started watching FlashForward was because there was a lesbian character in it that I learned about on AfterEllen. I missed the first few episodes (that were no longer on Hulu) but had plenty to catch up on.

6. The only reason my girlfriend started watching House is because while flipping through the channels she paused when there was a sex scene between two women. It was Thirteen. Then she started enjoyed House’s character because he is an asshole… So is my girlfriend. They would get along.

7. I like supporting family. Doesn’t matter if they are characters or real people. I’m all about the Pride. I’m not a in your face flag waver, but I don’t lie when asked (ever been in a room full of cowboys and girls and get asked if you are married, because they notice your ring, and you answer “sort of” and then further explain yourself)?

8. I recently discovered OTEP was amongst them (also because of AfterEllen). My girlfriend loves that band. I didn’t care much for them at first. Too hardcore and loud (she likes to listen to it loud). But then I heard Perfectly Flawed and loved it (if you couldn’t guess it is one of their softer songs). But then I learned she is family and now I’m a huge Otep fan. It isn’t just because she is gay, but listen to the lyrics, she is amazing with words. I’ll give you a sample (I was actually contemplating writing up a post about this earlier today before I learned of my award).
This is from the latest album Smash the Control Machine. The song is Numb & Dumb.

I took his wife into my mouth
Like a slice of wedding cake
I went back for extra helpings
& then I clean my plate

Still covered in her yolk
The wet drug of my addiction
I'm nature's little criminal
A selfish crucifixion

And yes that part of the song is totally gay and that is probably why I love it so much. Also they do a good cover of Breed by Nirvana on The Ascension album. And very political, anti-war… Overall amazing, check it out.

9. My girlfriend is not an activist. It gets to me sometimes. She hates gay bars and doesn’t believe in Pride parades. She just wants to be left alone. I try and tell her that until we are accepted we need these things. And they won’t leave us alone until then (or until a good while after then, as we still obviously have problems with racism and how long were those civil rights earned?)

10. I like things to flow. Did you notice my list? They kind of lead into each other… For the most part. Call it OCD. There are actually a few more things I could stick in there, but it didn’t quite work with the flow, I’d have to jump back to earlier points in the list and I didn’t like that idea (even though #9 fits better after #7, but I wanted to make #8 so I didn’t have to do another post later).

So time to pass on the award. I might not make it to 10… We’ll see how it goes. Hopefully I've already placed these blogs in a read-these and you will already have checked them out.

In alphabetical order

7 senses

Femme Fairy Godmother

Ms. Karen's Blog

On My Route

On The Surface

Two Moms with a Plan

And especially to Dawg at Dyked Out whose blog is now closed for repairs, closed to those not invited. Since I’m not one of those invited, and you probably won’t be either I won’t bother putting down the link. But her brutal honesty in a recent post was brave and I commend her for it. I however think that her honesty is the reason she is taking a break from the blogging world. I guess the lesson learned is that you can be too honest. There are just some things you don’t need to tell strangers. But for me there are some things that are easier to tell strangers. Thanks for listening.


  1. AHHHH...thank you very much!

    I love the proud to be pride.

    Also, love the look on their faces when you answer their questions...are you married?, YES.....what is your husband's name....Rosemary. Then watch as they go through a life hiccup.

  2. Jude - actually I was talking to one girl, and she seemed cool enough to respond well. Oh and she was cute. But if I am getting bad vibes I will gloss over some details if there could be danger and it simply becomes a promise ring and then I'd say no more (haven't had to use that yet though).

    But I don't like saying that I'm married because we haven't had a ceremony or been "papered". However, it won't matter if we got "married" or not, I'm switching it up when we have a kid... (though I'm trying real hard to convince her to do a ceremony before we get to that)

  3. Aww, you're making me want to cry with the "10 Things" you hate about yourself. I'm self-deprecating, too. I'm trying to change, but I'm just too lazy and stupid to do so. ;)

    FlashForward! Too bad you missed some early episodes. I really love the predicament the female FBI agent (Janis) finds herself in after she sees herself pregnant in her vision of the future. And now, of course, the plot is thickening.

    And in case you're keeping track, there is a lesbian character played by Mulan's Ming-Na on the new Stargate show, which I am actually liking despite my initial reservations.

    Sure, she's a "two-fer" (she's also Asian, but not the only Asian on the show), and a minor character at this point, but a recent episode with her visiting her girlfriend from a spaceship hundreds of thousands of lightyears away via someone else's body (it's complicated, lol) made me weepy.

    The whole show is really about fear and hope, so I like that.

    Listen to me ramble on. Anyway, I'm glad you're feeling better!

  4. Tere - Hey I'm lazy and stupid too! We should start a club. Oh wait that takes too much work...

    I liked FlashForward where the date says she did worse than "google her". I enjoy googling people.

    Haven't watched any Stargates yet (though love the movie), but I did hear about the relationship. That might be one of those I intend to rent/netflix someday, series so massive that renting is the only way to do it.

    Unless of course it becomes like that time I got the first disc of Firefly in the mail watched the 1st episode, but it right back in the mail box on my way out the door to go to the store to buy it.

  5. Hey, I know the requirements of accepting this award wasn't a list of ten things that you hate about yourself. Thank you for awarding this to me. Honesty is very important to me, and it's very nice to be recognized positively for it. :) ... If I send the award back to you, will you then make a list of ten things you like about yourself? ... I'll start the list off myself if you like:

    1. You don't bullshit, and that I am assuming is why you got the award in the first place; and to me, that's a very admirable trait. :)

  6. Well Dar, I honestly wasn't listing 10 things I don't like about myself, I was just indicating where my mind automatically went, but just for you I will go ahead and do a self-esteem post about 10 things I do like about myself.

    Besides I like your first one on the list for me.

  7. Thank you!
    I have been awfully busy lately and neglecting my blog, but this might be just what I needed to get back into it.
    Ah, Otep. I'm glad you are a fan. She is an amazing woman (as I've drawn and in person) and what I consider a lyrical poet. I might not agree with her politically but I do love her music. Check out "Nein," one of my faves.
    Thank you again...