Friday, December 4, 2009

10 More Things

This is for you Dar, 10 things I like about myself...

Feel free to do this yourself. It is a fun exercise.

1. I'm smart. Like hella smart. Seriously.

2. My moments of wit are brilliant, funny and well timed.

3. I give people a chance. There is a story with this one. Back in high school when I was dating this boy who was much older (it didn't work out when I wouldn't sleep with him) and there was this girl I barely knew making very rude comments about me (such as what a little slut I was) unknowingly to my own Mother. By our senior year, we were good friends (and unfortunately because of her often poor attitude I was one of very few friends of hers).

4. I don't judge. Granted I used to, and may occasionally struggle with it (but I'm human right?), but it certainly is in check.

5. I am patient. Another story for this one. This time back in college I had two friends come to visit me and as we were readying ourselves for a night out I was getting frustrated with my contacts or my hair.. Or something. One friend commented to the other "I thought you said she was patient." "Only with everyone else." Okay so being impatient with myself could be considered a bad thing but I'm not dwelling on that here. I'm making a comment that a friend of mine told another friend, who hadn't seen me in a long time, about how patient I was.

6. I'm caring. Go ahead and ask my girlfriend all that I do for her. Actually ask any of my friends and family.

7. I even help out strangers. More so when my girlfriend is around because she is worse than I am. We had picked up this lady last Christmas while in the city and took her shopping to get diapers and stuff for her kids. We always have food in the car and whenever there is a person with a sign we'll give them some food.

8. I love animals. I think I love them more than people sometimes. I wish I could go to the pound and take them all home.

9. I love learning and love it when others learn. I've considered going back to school to be a teacher. I think I'd be a good one.

10. I am an activist. I actually have always been one. Even when my self esteem has been the lowest (high school anyone?) I was always there for the other girls who were even worse off than I was. I like helping people, and by being an activist (whether it gay, or environmental or whatever) I am doing what I can to make the world better. I especially want to make the world better for young girls with low selfesteem and gay kids who have it even worse off sometimes, so they don't have to go through what I did. And who can say anything bad about that?

So there you go folks. Go ahead tell me at least one thing you like about yourself...


  1. Awesome idea I think I may have to follow your lead

  2. WOOOO HOOO! This made my day! :) What a great list, and even if you struggled a bit in admitting some of these, I believe every word! Way to go Grrrl! Okay, now it's my turn, and since you asked: One thing I like about myself is that I was able to push the 'tell ten truthful things about myself' into a more positive direction, just by speaking my mind. The truth doesn't always have to hurt! :)