Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Prompt Me

I used to do poetry this way. Someone give me something to work with. I've been in a bit of a writing funk due to lots and lots of stress. The good news, our Landlady appeared to be doing the inspection, supposedly not looking for a reason to kick us out, but for what things they can do to fix up the place. So either a) we never complained about anything so they were curious as to why (the fridge being the one exception) or b) we've been there 3 years and this is standard. Either way I told her I had applied for jobs out of town so they'll wait on the painting while we wait until one of them contacts me for a job offer.

In other news, not sure if it is good or not. My girlfriend got an email from someone who is a friend of her biological father, saying he is trying to contact her. Yay, as I would like our future child to know more about his/her heritage (whether or not our kid is biologically related to her, which we've been thinking about me carrying her egg, not sure yet, have to figure out if we can afford that route). All I know is her father is from a nomadic tribe in Nigeria. Not so yay, if he calls saying her grandparents have passed on or are sick (she has spoken with them before). Not so yay, if he doesn't accept our relationship and wants nothing to do with her after trying to find her. Not so yay, if he only wishes to buy her love and not really spend time to get to know her (and possibly his future grandchild). But yay if he does stay in her life and has the funds to help with her schooling or whatever. As long as my girlfriend is happy and this turns out to be a good thing then I will be happy. But right now it is making me a bit nuts, nervous and excited.

Also I've lost a few pounds and have been working on getting rid of a few more. If I can get my BMI to 25, that will open up a few doors for me including joining the military (although most people have tried to talk me out of this one, but I'd be a) joining the guard and b) hopefully they'd be getting rid of that pesky DADT before or shortly after), or possibly donating eggs (which would help fund an egg transfer, plus I'd be going through the same people).

But back to the writing. Someone give me a prompt. Give me a few items that are required in my story, whether small plot points or physical objects, song lyrics, whatever you want. I will write a short story (or more than one if I get a few good ones) and post it. So let's have it folks...


  1. Egypt, artifacts, a kiss, eye drops, and laughter.

    How's that for a vaguely specific prompt?

  2. That is awesome for a vaguely specific prompt

  3. Did you ever end up writing something with this? If you did, is there any chance I would be able to read it?

    Glad to see you are back!

  4. Tabitha, I did actually it is in my Google docs, I think I got stuck on the ending. Maybe I will go get that done, that is if you still actually are following my lazy ass.